Current Tracking

Monday, September 24, 2012


Day 159, Mile 2669

Sorry for the delay in this final post, I procrastinated writing this for multiple reasons partially due to me wanting to come up with something profound to say and partly because I did not want to come to the realization that the journey from Mexico to Canada was over. This is all so bitter sweet. Standing at the Monument where the PCT meets the Canadian boarder was pretty surreal. I was so happy to have met my goal of thru hiking the entire PCT but somewhat sad to be done with the adventure. Sure I have missed a lot of things being on the trail like family, friends, modern conveniences, running water, porcelain toilets, coffee shops, fires, current events, and much more. But I will also miss the simplicity of life on the trail. For the last five months and five days my only worries were where to get water, where to sleep, going off trail for food resupply, one step in front of the other, and how many miles we made. I have met some many wonderful people on the trail and had tons of fantastic experiences. Of course there were hard times or times that just plain sucked like Milk Creek's 58 brushy, steep switchbacks but that is what it is all about right, the challenges and overcoming them.

Then there were the people... I know it may sound a bit cliche but I have a renewed faith in humanity. The support I got on the trail from perfect strangers and people back home was overwhelming. From the trail angels putting us up at their homes and offering a shower or day hikers giving part of their lunches, to surprise visits and inspiring words from friends, Supervisors with the Forest Service allowing us to have the time off, and of course family members meeting us along the way and helping with the resupply. It has all been so amazing to have that kind of support from so many people. So I thank everyone for all that you have done to help us get from Mexico to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can't forget Cookie for being my partner in crime on this entire trip. Even though it was my conjured up idea and dream for over 15 years he dropped everything to come along on this crazy journey. It was incredibly difficult and I am sure there were times he wanted to quit but I have to hand it to him for sticking with it and supporting me throughout the entire hike! Thank you Cookie I am so glad you came along!!!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Snoqualmie Pass

Day 145, Mile 2402

Beautiful views, Huckleberries, and Family and Friends! This last section has been great! Going through the Goat Rocks Wilderness and Rainier NP was fantastic. Mt Rainier was right there in my face in all it splendor. I have also been seeing tons of elk and hearing them bugle morning and night. The huckleberries have been abundant around here too. It has been hard to pass the tons of huckleberry bushing with the berries plump and juicy. I don't think there has been a day that I haven't had purple fingers and mouth.

 The weather has been getting pretty cold at night and in the morning. Frost on the ground quite a bit lately. Waking up in the dark and cold now has made it hard to get out of the sleeping bag. Now it is a race to the boarder before the bad weather comes in. But I am optimistic that it will hold out. If not I still feel pretty lucky for the great weather I have had most the way.

We got another wonderful surprise hiking down to the pass yesterday. Gator's long time friend, Garret hiked up to meet us and took Gator (Cookie) to Wenatchee. I think it made Gator's trip and will help him get the rest of the way to Canada. My Mom also met up with me and I got to hang out and spend some quality time.

Next stop Stevens Pass. Thinking we will be there mid day Sunday. It is getting harder to make our miles though due to shorter days and steeper terrain but the boarder is in sight now.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chinook Pass

Day 141, Mile 2341 Things have been going wonderfully! Besides the amazing views and cool areas we have been going through we have also had so much support through Oregon and Washington! Just got to visit with my Mom and Mike at White Pass and had a surprise visit on the trail today from my friend Dan. Seeing and hearing from friends and family along the way has been great and is making time fly by. Only a few hundred miles to go now. And for the people that have mentioned coming to visit at the up coming spots, here is our tenative schedule (give or take a day). Text me if planning to come and I'll let u you know when we get close. Snoqualmie Pass 9/5, Stevens Pass 9/9, Stehiken 9/14, Canada 9/19. Thanks again you guys are the best!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Day 136, Mile 2237 Home sweet home! Just over 400 miles to go. It seams like it is going fast now. Once again I had the privilege of meeting family and friends at my last resupply. Carla was there to help us say farewell to Oregon and our friends Amy and Jonathan welcomed us to Washington. And of course we were well taken care of. We also enjoyed hiking with Amy for the next four day and 80 miles, time flew. But we sent her off with some pretty sore and blistered feet (sorry Amy). Next stop White Pass. See you all soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Day 130,  Mile 2107

This last section has definately had its ups and downs. Once out of Bend we hit the lava fields right away. They are pretty neat to see but not very friendly to the feet. Next came the old burn scars and sand which is also a bit of a challenge to walk in for miles on end. Then the Waterfall 2 Fire reroute! Ugg! Due to a fire next to Mt. Jefferson that closed parts of the trail, we got rerouted off 10 miles of the PCT to take a 20 mile detour. The hiking made me appreciate the PCT trail maintanence that much more. We ended up walking out one side trail which was like walking a river bed, to a gravel road, onto a paved road, and then back on another side trail that was just as bad as the first! Dang that  hurt a bit. But now I am finding out it could of been worse and that since we have passed that section there is now a 30-40 mile reroute. Ok I won't complain and just hope that there are no more fires close to the PCT north of us.

After the reroute the trail has been excellent! One of the best maintained sections and pretty flat at times. We even were able to get a 28.5 mile day in. I am now at the base of Mt. Hood and what a spectacular sight. Also had the luck of having my Dad and brother, Luka come up to Timberline for a visit and a picnic. Oh how I have been spoiled! Back on the trail this morning and then two more days to Washington! Crazy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Mile 1989, Day 123

Just about 11 miles from 2000 and 3/4 of the way done! And to celebrate...Sushi in Bend! Actually had a few other things to do here but that was on the list. Just got done hiking by the Sisters Mts. and it was beautiful! Terrain has been great with the exception of some tricky lava fields and we even had a 26.2 mile day (for all you marathon runners, Ashley, Raili, and LaRae). It was wonderful to spend some time and meet up with Carla, Haz No Horse, and Sister at Willamette pass. Cookie and I got spoiled!

This next section I am kinda get worried about the up coming hike by Mt Jefferson. They are closing part of the PCT and putting up a detour that potentially will be getting longer once we get there in a few days. I was really looking forward to this specific part for some time so hope it isn't too much of a reroute! A few more lava fields to cross as well so going may be slow and may loose some days. Other than that things are going great and still having a fantastic time! Thanks to all for keeping tabs on us!

Lake Tahoe

Day 73, Mile 1094

This last section has had its ups and downs. Passing the 1000 mile point has definitely been one of the high points of the whole hike! I can't believe I have hiked that far! So far it has been quite the adventure. And of course you can't have an adventure without a few obstacles. This section it was the wind, mosquitoes, and some illness. The mosquitoes are just annoying but the wind and being sick will slow you down out on the trail. So not a lot of time to hang in town which also means I don't have much time on the blog. Have to head back out to the trail to make some miles.